Quick repair method for pvc pipe leakage

The pvc pipe manufacturer introduced that you should first turn off the tap water valve, then observe the leaking point, and check what is the condition of the crack. Secondly, observe the severity of the crack. If there is only a crack, you can go to the hardware store at the door to buy it for repairing plastic pipes. For broken glue, be careful not to use glue casually, and use professional glue that will not pollute the water quality.
If the rupture is large, like a hard injury caused by a collision, if it is confirmed that it cannot be sealed with glue, you can measure the diameter of the pipe, go to the hardware store to buy a joint that just fits both ends, and cut off the leak. Once the two ends are connected with glue, it will be OK. After observation, it is found that the plastic pipe cracks have filled the entire section, there is no need to repair it locally.
If you find that the water pipe has been broken, and water is spraying out, and water is splashing everywhere, don’t panic at this time, you should close the tap water valve at home in time, and after closing the valve, clean the water near the electrical appliance or electrical outlet in time , To prevent electric shock or damage to electrical appliances, and then find a repairman to repair in time.
For the line pipes that are hidden in the wall and buried in the non-combustible body of the underground, as well as the line pipes for the home decoration of ordinary houses in rural buildings, they must be used to meet the Ministry of Construction standard JG3050-1998 “Insulation electrical bushings and accessories for construction” It has certain flame-retardant properties and meets the requirements of physical and mechanical properties. For fire-fighting power distribution lines and automatic fire alarm system electrical lines, it should be mandatory to use flame-retardant PVC threading pipes that meet the standards of the Ministry of Public Security.
For places with high fire hazard, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls (large supermarkets), libraries, singing and dancing entertainment venues and other public gathering places, when the lines in the ceiling and floor are protected by pipes, the ceiling and floor are relatively high. For many combustible and flammable materials, flame-retardant PVC threading pipes with a higher level of combustion performance should be used.

Post time: Apr-25-2021