The difference between pvcu and upvc

1. Construction angle: pvc pipe manufacturer introduces pvc-u is mainly used for building water supply and drainage, pre-embedded pipes, the main construction method is hot melt, glue, and it is not easy to construct in winter; upvc is used for building water supply and drainage, sewage pipes, and can be substituted Common cast iron pipes and galvanized pipes are easy to install, and can be installed with flanges and corresponding kits. There is no limitation in construction.

2. PVC-u pipe, also known as rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe, is a new type of drainage pipe that is extruded by an extruder at one time, with smooth inner wall and vertical reinforcement ribs on the outer wall. It is suitable for residential drainage system. “T” type rubber ring interface. Upvc pipe is also known as hard polyvinyl chloride pipe. Upvc pipe is a kind of strong corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt and oil corrosion, light weight, certain mechanical strength, good hydraulic conditions, easy installation, but easy to age and high temperature resistance. , But can not withstand shock, suitable for domestic water system.

3. Design and material selection angle: pvc-u is mainly used for building water supply and drainage, light and durable, beautiful in color, bright and smooth, aging resistance, long service life, excellent physical and chemical properties, chemical corrosion resistance, high impact strength; the resistance of upvc pipes Both freezing and heat resistance are not good. Good anti-drying performance, strong corrosion resistance, low fluid resistance, high mechanical strength, sanitary and non-toxic, good water tightness.

Post time: Jun-08-2021